Ditch parameters

Ditch allows you to create V shaped ditch on the surface model.

Ditches read AutoCAD polylines, lines, arcs, circles, ellipses and splines. Ditch is a V shaped geometry cut into the surface model along the polyline.


Layer  - Layer where ditch polylines or lines are.

Materials  - Material of the ditch.

Description  - A descriptive text for the entry. If defined, will be shown instead of the long description.

Info text  - Information text attached to items.

Info URL  - URL link attached to items. MAGNET Explorer can launch a Web browser with the URL.

Object data tables  - Autodesk Map object data tables that will be used for source of object information for the elements in the virtual model. The table list also matches wildcards.

Width  - Width of the ditch in drawing units.

Depth  - Depth of the ditch in drawing units.

Target_layers  - These material area settings affect only to surface on layers defined here. The default value (*) means that all surfaces are affected.

Group  - The name of the group of these items.

Auto_segmentation_distance  - Divides the original polyline with this distance and adds new points. This parameter is useful for better control of follow surface and long arc segments.

Auto_segmentation_angle  - Divides polylines using angle threshold so that resulting polyline will fall within this angle value. This has only effect for curved polyline segments like splines and arcs.