How to create a 3D section view from model using Clip Planes?

Clip planes is a tool that is used for slicing the model and creating 3D section views. Clip planes are useful for visually analysing model areas below the surface. You can create several sections to specifically focus on one part of the model.

Clip Planes cut part of the model along a plane that is selected.


Feature can be accessed from Analyze tab and View tab.

Add Clip Planes

Click Add, snap to an object and specify (snap) the direction of cutting. By default cutting plane is vertical.

Now you can move Clip Planes by grabbing and dragging the center of symbol and rotate by turning the arrow. 


You can change cutting plane by right clicking the center of symbol.

Pick Line - move Clip Plane and select new direction of cutting plane.

Pick Surface - move Clip Plane and change cutting plane by selected surface.

Pick Direction - change direction of cutting plane.

Pick Path - cutting plane follow a path (road, pipe).

Remove - removing the added plane.

You can also change direction of cutting plane by right click menu (Flip, Up, Down, North, South, East, West).

You can add multiple Clip Planes to the model project. This is useful when you would like to crop the model to focus on a specific part. In case of multiple Clip planes, each Clip plane will be assigned a different color.

You can add Topic with Clip Plane and thumbnail will restore visibility state.

Choosing any other thumbnail will zoom in to the point topic was made.