How to edit topics and adding comments?

1. You can edit the topic in the Topic Editor dialog, which opens by clicking on the Topic Editor button in the Collaborate group or by double-clicking on a saved topic. 

2. In the Topic Editor dialog you can add or edit a topic's attributes.

3. Choose a topic from the Topics List; click Edit in Topic Editor; make changes and Save.

4. You can update topics by right-clicking on a topic screenshot.

Adding new comments and comment editing

To add your comment to a topic:

1. Choose the topic from Topics List; click Add a comment in Topic Editor, write your message and click on Save.

2. You can also add a new viewpoint to your comment.

3. Edit your comment. 

Comments can only be edited or deleted by the user who has created them.

Adding new viewpoints

You can add new viewpoint to a topic in the Topic Editor dialog.

Choose a topic from Topics List; click Edit in Topic Editor; click Add viewpoint and Save.

Changing a topic's attributes

You can change a topic's attributes in the Topic attribute Configuration dialog that opens from the Collaborate group.

+ (plus) sign adds new attribute and - (minus) sign will allow you to delete it.

The new attribute appears on all the topics of the project.