How to import files to Scheduler?

You can import tasks from MS Project XML files.

Create MS Project with columns: Unique ID, ID, Task Name, Start, Finish, Cost. If you want the MS project linked to the right groups, you must add to your MS project the column VdcGroup and specify model groups there. (NOTE: use "/" to create subgroups):

Now you need export MP Project to XML file:

Now you can import XML file to Scheduler by Schedule - Import:

Additional columns

MAGNET Explorer can import Excel file to add additional columns to 5D tasks. 

Column names should be as in example below (example: column for CO2 emissions during construction):

Select the type of data that need to be imported.

You need export columns: Unique ID, ID and Name. After exporting edit Unique_ID column name to Unique ID.

Now you can add new columns:

Note: Excel sheet name should be 6D Attributes.

Now you can import excel file to Scheduler: