How to import Mesh data?

What is Mesh Import plugin?

Mesh Import plugin is used to import different mesh data into MAGNET model. You can import data from different file format:

  • Autodesk FBX ( *.fbx )
  • Autodesk DXF ( *.dxf )
  • Collada ( *.dae )
  • Collada ( *.xml )
  • 3D Studio Max 3DS ( *.3ds )
  • Wavefront Object ( *.obj )

How to use?

Plugin can be accessed by Mesh Import Plugin icon in MAGNET Modeler user interface (see picture).

You can add new file by double clicking Mesh Import Plugin icon or selecting “insert” from context menu. Mesh Insertion Parameters dialog is opened and you can select file to import.

You can choose to import data as mesh or as surface.

You can specify Main GroupOrigoRotation and Scale

If you have added file to MAGNET Modeler, it is shown in user interface as in picture. You can edit setting by double clicking added item or selecting “settings” from context menu. Item can be deleted by pressing “delete” or selecting “remove” from context menu.