How to publish 3D model to MAGNET Live?

You can publish your 3D model on MAGNET Live using MAGNET Explorer. 

First make sure you are logged in to your MAGNET Enterprise account in MAGNET Explorer before starting the export of the model. Use MAGNET Enterprise login window in Explorer.

Create a project in MAGNET Explorer or open existing project. 

Exporting model to MAGNET Live

In MAGNET Explorer go to Output tab:

Select Publish to MAGNET Live:

Specify the model name, description and whether the whole model or a specific area should be exported. You can also choose to export Object Groups and Object info. All topics related to the model will be exported along with the topic attributes.

Then click Export. Now log in to MAGNET Live to view your model.

If geometry of the original model has been changed, you need to export your updated model to MAGNET Live again to update the model.