How to share a model?

You can share your model directly from MAGNET Live by sending a direct link to your model by e-mail.

Click on the Model sharing icon marked in red in MAGNET Live:

Add the recipient's e-mail address, recipients name and description for the email. Expiration date can also be set for how long the model can be viewed by using the same link. If checkbox is left unmarked the model can be viewed using the same e-mail link without expiration date.

After adding the information press "Share". 

Notification will be displayed after sharing the model from MAGNET Live.

Recipient will receive a notification to email address from shared model.

When the link in the e-mail is clicked MAGNET Live wants to check that the model is being opened by the correct recipient. The recipient is required to type in their e-mail address (the same address where the link was sent to).

After typing in the address the shared model opens in MAGNET Live.