How to synchronize topics between MAGNET Explorer and MAGNET Live?

Synchronization of topics between MAGNET Explorer and MAGNET Live occurs automatically.

Therefore each new topic created in MAGNET Explorer will appear in MAGNET Live. If you have set any topic attributes to your topic, these will be exported to MAGNET Live as well.

However, you will need your local model in MAGNET Explorer to be linked with your remote model in MAGNET Live. You can check that the connection is active by viewing the icon in the bottom left corner of your screen in MAGNET Explorer.

If the connection is active the icon with green ok mark is displayed . When you hover your mouse on top of the icon it says "Connected to MAGNET Live".

If connection is not active icon with red x mark is displayed instead.

Creating topics offline

If you create new topics offline in MAGNET Explorer when your model is not linked with MAGNET Live Model, you can synchronize topics by clicking on the Link to Magnet Live Model button.

Select the model from the list which you wish to link, then click on Link and hit OK.

Confirm the export of the topics by clicking Yes.

All of your topics are now visible in MAGNET Live.

Unlinking model

If you wish to unlink your model in MAGNET Explorer click on Link to MAGNET Live Model.

Choose the model you wish to unlink from the list, click on Unlink and hit OK.