How to use topics in MAGNET Explorer?

A topic is related to a comment on the project, task or any other subject which is to be documented with a viewpoint as a part of the project that is related to the model.

A topic creates a chat in which every project member can participate. Multiple viewpoints can be saved as topics.

Topics can be grouped by topic attributes, such as status or priority.

The Topics list opens by default or by clicking on the Topics List button in the Collaborate group.

Creating a new topic

You can create a new topic by clicking on the Add new button in the Topics list window.

Updating topics

You can update topics by right-clicking on a topic screenshot in the Topics list or in the Topic Editor. In order to access Topic Editor double click on the topic.

Load Topic Viewpoint – to activate the selected topic.

Load Topic Visibility State – to activate the saved state of groups.

Save Topic Viewpoint – to update the Topic viewpoint.

Save Topic Visibility State – to update the state of groups.

Save updated screenshots to all topics – to update topic screenshots when the imported file was modified and reloaded.

Topic lists

The Topics list window has two modes: Thumbnail view and List view.

In Thumbnail view you can remove or upgrade a topic.

In list view topics can be sorted in alphabetical order by clicking on the column 'Topic title'.