How to view model styles and set layer paths?

The View Tab provides a set of commands to control the visibility and style of the model displayed in the model.


    The Visibility group allows to turn off/on Elements and Objects:

    Elements are considered:

    • Trees
    • Forests
    • Single elements

    Objects are considered:

    • Buildings
    • Fences
    • Pipes

    Rendering style

    The Rendering Style group contains a variety of settings to control the appearance of the 3D view. As an example, you can turn off the Compass or switch to Wireframe mode being able to better explore the surface triangles.

    Settings and texture paths

    The Settings group provides you the access to the Texture Paths menu. Texture Paths allow MAGNET Explorer to look into several global folders and search for textures/materials.

    MAGNET Explorer includes libraries for textures and sounds. Basic libraries come with the installation packages. Additional libraries can be installed separately. 

    MAGNET Explorer supports multiple search paths for texture and sound libraries. The search paths can be edited from View > Settings

    On the Settings panel double-click on Textures, which opens the Texture Paths window:

    You can add a new path by clicking “+” or delete a path by clicking “-". You can also move a path up or down using the blue arrows.