How to visualize the costs with Scheduler?

What is Scheduler?

By using the Schedule tab you can visualize the progress of building and its related costs over time.

Scheduler tab and adding a new task

By clicking on the Scheduler button you can open and close the Scheduler panel.

You can add a new task to the Scheduler by clicking on Schedule > Add task

New tasks

The new task appears in the Scheduler panel. You can change the task's name, choose the model group, determine the cost and transition.

You can also add task or sub-task by mouse right-click on the Scheduler. Tasks can also be deleted this way.

 Transition mode can be:

  • add highlight
  • add
  • remove
  • temporary
  • repair
  • remove temporary
  • redesigned
  • none

Create tasks from group

Under the Timeline tab move the taskbar to the start date and stretch the task bar to the end date (taskbar is in blue).

Double-click on the task bar to open the Edit task timeline window and enter time details.

Scheduler cost tab

The graph helps to visualize costs and emissions.

You can view cumulative or current information about cost.