Importing files into MAGNET Explorer project

Import models into project by clicking on the Import File button under the Explore tab:

Supported file formats

The following file formats can be imported:

  • MS Project XML files (*.xml)
  • 6D Attributes Excel (*.xlsx)
  • MAGNET Model files (*.vm; *.vmz)
  • MAGNET Viewpoint Files (*.pth)
  • AutoCAD DWG (*.dwg)
  • CityGML files (*.gml)
  • IFC files (*.ifc)
  • LandXML files (.xml)
  • FBX files (*.fbx)
  • Collada (.*dae)
  • 3D Studio files (*.3ds)
  • Wavefront Object (*.obj)
  • Topcon 3d project files (*.tp3)
  • Topcon 3DMC (*.tn3, *pt3, *.ln3, *.gc3)
  • Topcon 3d project files (*.mjf, *.mjfzip, *.mxl)

Choose the correct file in the Import file dialog and click Open.

You can choose more than one file in the Import file dialog.

Notice that the import dialog window changes based on the file type. You may not see every option for every file type. As an example, the import dialog window for a LandXML import looks different than for an IFC import.