MAGNET Modeler configurations

A configuration is a collection of rules (one or multiple rules), materials and group settings in a MAGNET Office / MAGNET Office Modeler project. A configuration is saved to an external initialization file (*.ini).

Whenever you start working on a new project in MAGNET Office and launch a new session of MAGNET Modeler (by clicking on the Modeler tab / Rules), a default configuration with predefined rules, materials and group settings gets loaded.

    Default configuration

    The default configuration file is called "vdc-modeler.ini".

    The location of the default configuration file on your computer is 

    C:\Users\Username\Documents\MAGNET\Modeler for Office\English - Imperial\1

    The purpose of the default configuration file is to give new users examples on:

    • How rules work
    • How to set attributes and settings
    • What rules could be used for
    • How a group structure could look like

    Loading configurations

    In case you have an existing configuration file (*.INI) other than the default one, you can load into MAGNET Office Modeler.

    Click on Load Configuration.

    Loading a configuration file will remove the existing configuration including rules, materials and group settings in your MAGNET Modeler session.

    Merging configurations

    You can add additional existing configurations / rules / settings to your current set by using the Merge Configuration option. This allows you to add entire configurations or dedicated rule types without creating them from scratch.

    This feature can be used in case you need additional rules and rule types for your current job an you have another configuration file stored on your local computer which would complete your requirements.

    Click on Merge Configuration, browse to this *.INI file and hit Open.

    Select the rule types you want to add to your existing configuration. 

    Per default, all rule types, materials and groups are checked. 

    Click on OK.

    In case you are importing duplicate rules, materials and groups, MAGNET Office Modeler will ask you how to deal with them. 

    You can 

    • Keep the exiting ones or
    • Replace with new ones

    Click on OK to import.

    Additional rules were imported into your current configuration.

    Saving configurations

    Make sure you save your configuration to use it the next day or even for another project.

    Click on Save configuration.

    Closing the Modeler Rules window or hitting the Rules button on the Modeler tab of the MAGNET Office ribbon will prompt you to save your changes to the configuration as well.


    • Store the configuration file (*.INI) in the same location as the MAGNET Office file (*.MJO)
    • Use the MAGNET Office file name (*.MJO) for the configurations file (*.INI) as well. Example:
      • Project_name.mjo
      • Project_name.ini
    • Use one configurations file (*.INI) per MAGNET Office file (*.MJO)