MAGNET Modeler settings

General workflow utilizing the MAGNET Office Modeler module includes the following important steps.

This workflow uses the following software products:

  • MAGNET Office
  • MAGNET Office Modeler 
  • MAGNET Explorer


1. Structure the data

MAGNET Modeler workflows are layer-based. Make sure different entities in MAGNET Office are separated by different layers.

2. Create a configuration

A configuration includes one or multiple "Rules". A "Rule" gets assigned to a certain layer, reads all entities on that layer, adds materials and a group structure to them and defines how these objects are going to be transformed into a virtual model.

3. Generate the model

After the configuration has been defined, you can generate the your model. MAGNET Office Modeler writes a *.VM file (Virtual Model) including the transformed data. This process automatically launches MAGNET Explorer software.

4.  View the Model

The *.VM file automatically opens in MAGNET Explorer software. You can use the Navigation or Analyze tools to inspect the result.

5. Create a Multi-Disciplinary Model (MAGNET Explorer only)

MAGNET Explorer allows you to import multiple *.VM files at the same time and to combine them with other formats like *.LandXML, *.IFC, *.DWG, *.TP3, *.MJF and  *.OBJ to create a multi-disciplinary model. This becomes even more important, when several stakeholders are working on one project.