Menu Items: Texture and Sound Libraries

Texture libraries are an essential for the use of the software. MAGNET Modeller for Autodesk includes libraries for textures and sounds. Basic libraries come with the installation packages. Additional libraries can be installed separately.

Supported Texture File Formats are as follows:

AutoCAD materials must be attached to 3D faces. (AutoCAD menu: View > Render > Materials...)MAGNET Modeler supports AutoCAD materials and texture mapping with meshes but not with the surface model. To make AutoCAD matrials work in the Explorer you need to do the following:

  1. AutoCAD mapping must be attached to 3D faces.  (AutoCAD menu: View > Render > Mapping...)
  2. 3D faces must be defined as block.
  3. The block must be on appropriate layer defined as Meshes layer in MAGNET Modeler configuration.


MAGNET Modeler supports multiple search paths for texture and sound libraries. The installer program will take care of the initialization of these paths. The search paths can be edited both from the Modeler and the Explorer with the Texture Paths dialog.  The Search order for texture files is:

  •   The projects specific folder(s) specified in the vmviewer.ini, including subfolders
  •   The system folders specified at the installation phase. Initial path is “<MAGNET>\Explorer\Common\Libraries\Textures\”, including subfolders

The various texture paths can be defined and edited with the Texture Path dialog. The dialog can be started from the Modeler menu Tools->Texture Paths or from the Explorer Settings dialog.