Modeling Rules

MAGNET Modeler creates a virtual model using different types of 3D objects. These objects are listed in the MAGNET Modeler configuration tree. Objects have parameters that describe how they are modeled.

Object parameters can be defined in the configuration by AutoCAD layer basis and in the AutoCAD drawing by element basis. Element specific parameters override layer specific parameters. So you can for example have buildings on layer "buildings" modeled as 3 floors but some single buildings on the same layer as 2 floors. This is done by attaching building object parameters to these single building map elements.

The model generation read object parameters in this order:

  •   Computer's guess (object specific algorithm)
  •   Layer parameters
  •   Element parameters

Multiple layer names can be selected and wildcards can be used when defining layers in object parameters:

All objects except Texts can be given multiple materials. You can for example have 100 buildings on the same layer - if you specify multiple materials for the building layer, you get random materials for the buildings.

The following articles present the available modeling objects and a short description on each of their parameters:



Element Areas

Element Chains



Material Areas




Road lines

Single Elements

Surface Models


The configuration parameters can be edited by right click on the parameter which you want to edit. For example, when you want to edit layer, open a window with all AutoCAD layers of drawing. When you want to edit material, open a window where you can choose material, make new material or new material from texture.