Overview in MAGNET Office Modeler use

Access MAGNET Office Modeler from inside MAGNET Office products. The Modeler tab in MAGNET Office includes all features related to Modeler.

Modeler is clearly structured and there are only four icons available:


The Rules feature is the heart of MAGNET Office Modeler

This is where you create rules for different types of objects. A rule will take the MAGNET Office entity and transform it into a virtual model.

Model name

Whenever a virtual model gets generated, MAGNET Modeler writes a *.VM file to your local computer.

The name of this file can be predefined under the Model Name button. 

Per default, MAGNET Modeler uses the the MAGNET Office document name.

Generate & View

Generate & View starts the engine of MAGNET Modeler and translates MAGNET Office entities into a virtual model. 

Simultaneously, this will open MAGNET Explorer software to view the result.


Help gives you access to an online user guide.