Pipes read AutoCAD polylines, lines, arcs, circles, ellipses and splines. Pipes can be anywhere underground and on top of the ground. Polyline 3D position defines the absolute position of the pipe. The cross section of the Pipe can be defined freely, so this object can be used to represent any item with an alignment and a static cross section.


layer  - Layer where pipe polylines are.

materials  - Material of the pipe.

description  - A descriptive text for the entry. If defined, will be shown instead of the long description.

info text  - Information text attached to items.

info URL  - URL link attached to items. MAGNET Explorer can launch a Web browser with the URL.

object data tables  - Autodesk Map object data tables that will be used for source of object information for the elements in the virtual model. The table list also matches wildcards.

Width  - Width of the pipe in drawing units.

Height  - Height of the pipe in drawing units.


  1. Square
  2. Circle
  3. Pick from drawing - a polyline from the drawing can be selected as a cross section of the pipe. It is saved in the INI file.

tessalation_granuality  - The number of corners in the cross section shape. Also affects turns in the pipe polyline.


  • Yes - shades pipes with  gouraud shading
  • No - shades pipes with flat shading

interpolate  - Yes -  Interpolates pipe polyline vertices to the surface model

position_offset  - After interpolation, moves the pipe location relative to polyline according to given transformation parameters (X,Y,Z).

group  - The name of the group of these items.

auto_segmentation_distance  - Divides the original polyline with this distance and adds new points. This parameter is useful for better control of follow surface and long arc segments.

auto_segmentation_angle  - Divides polylines using angle threshold so that resulting polyline will fall within this angle value. This has only effect for curved polyline segments like splines and arcs.