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Collage Web

Visualize 3D Point Clouds Anytime. Anywhere.

MAGNET Collage Web allows you to publish and share your mass data maps in an easy-to-use online program. MAGNET Collage Web works seamlessly with MAGNET Collage


  • Ultra-fast, web-based point cloud visualization
  • Handles 3D point clouds from Topcon sensors or other manufacturers 
  • Stream point clouds from web to MAGNET Collage Office. See for yourself


  • Base service:
    • 50GB storage
    • 100GB streaming per month
    • 5 simultaneous users
  • Extra storage:
    • 200GB extra storage
  • Extra streaming:
    • 100GB extra streaming per month

Fly a 3D model

Experience MAGNET Collage Web in action. Fly a 3D point cloud model from your desktop browser. Test here.

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Advanced Support

Get support whenever you need it with a free Topcon account. Access training materials, product updates and troubleshooting guides at myTopcon support platform. The MAGNET Office annual subscription provides you with access to comprehensive e-learning materials and allows you to contact Topcon Professional Support directly to get support by email.

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Collage Web User

MAGNET Collage Web User (1 month)

$144 USD annual
Collage Web Storage

MAGNET Collage Web Storage (1 month)

$444 USD annual
Collage Web Stream

MAGNET Collage Web Stream (1 month)

$444 USD annual