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Process, report and visualize your survey data

Tools is a key component to the MAGNET software workflow. It provides customizable processing and adjustment options for field data collected with optical total station systems and GNSS hardware. Tools supports a large library of industry file formats to keep your projects moving forward.


  • Process of field measurements of combined methods of GNSS and total stations
  • Create and manage descriptive Code Libraries
  • Visualize field work in Google Earth, 3D orbital view, CAD view, and more
  • Automatic error checking for efficient processing of field measurements
  • Generate and customize reports of field work
  • Direct export to Bentley imodel or Autodesk's AutoCAD Civil 3D software


  • Online functionality for a license Check In/Out
    • Check out – access your organization’s MAGNET Office license pool and reserve the license for your work
    • Check in – return the license back to the license pool and release it for another user