Settings for Modeler for Autodesk

The MAGNET Modeler system files are distributed in two folders in the hard disk:

  • <MAGNET> – folder (by default this is “C:\Program Files\Magnet\Modeler”). All system files that are not meant to be changed or edited by the user are located here. The basic texture and sound libraries are located here under the “Libraries” folder
  • <MAGNET> - folder (by default this is “My Documents\MAGNET”). All files that contain configurable user settings by the user are located here. Tutorial files are copied here by the install program.

User specific texture or sound libraries can reside anywhere in the file system.

MAGNET Modeler creates the virtual model by parameters defined in the modeling configuration. Additional parameters can be saved to AutoCAD drawing elements to more accurately define modeling of these single elements. The modeling configuration is saved into a separate initialization file, which is by default vdc-modeler.ini. Vdc-modeler.ini can also be saved with any name as long as it has the right file extension (.ini). It can then be explicitly loaded from the Modeler. Configuration files can also be partially loaded or merged to an existing configuration.

When Modeler is loaded it searches for and loads the ini-file in the following order:

  1. Ini-file which has the same name and is in the same folder as currently active AutoCAD drawing.
  2. Project specific vdc-modeler.ini file located in the same folder as currently active AutoCAD drawing.
  3. User specific vdc-modeler.ini located in the “My Documents\MAGNET” folder.
  4. System default vdc-modeler.ini located in the “C:\Program Files\Magnet\Modeler” folder.