Step 2: How to invite team members to my existing Topcon organization?

Invite members to join your team in myTopcon. This allows you to manage your organisation's active subscriptions later on. Log in to myTopcon at https://www.topconpositioning.com/ Once you are logged in, click on the user icon on the top right corner of the page and select View Organisation:

Select "Add New Members":

Insert the member e-mail address and select "Invite members":

Team members will now receive invitation by e-mail to join the team (Organisation). User must now click on the link on the e-mail, which will direct them to create an account for myTopcon, when they click "Register":

Members are required to fill in the contact information and click "Create account":

Account creation is completed once the registration has been confirmed by clicking on the link in the confirmation e-mail:

Once the account has been activated, the member will be added to the organisation's account on Topcon.