Step 8: How to share the same license key within your organization?

MAGNET Office licenses that have been activated using the online activation method support Check in/Check out functionality. This functionality allows you to access MAGNET Office from any computer it has been installed on. After license has been activated, license is automatically checked out from your organisation's license pool. License can be deactivated by clicking on check in button inside the software. License is then checked back in to the license pool.


Checking Out License

First follow the online activation steps to activate your license serial number. Initial activation of the product automatically executes a “check out” of the licenses. Once activated if the license is not required to be used from other computers, there is no need to check the license in. After online activation the following window appears:

Checking In License

First launch MAGNET Office. Click on the Help ribbon and select "Licenses":

The product activation window appears:

Select "Check In". Next sign in with your MAGNET Enterprise credentials and click "Next":

Confirm the deactivation of the license and click "Next":