Surface Models

Surface model means a terrain which consists of 3D face elements. Surface model can be read from AutoCAD 3D face elements. If no surface model is defined, a flat surface is generated.

Surface   - The terrain surface model is read from 3D face elements in the drawing. The default value is “*” which means that all 3D faces from all AutoCAD layers are to be included in the terrain surface.

Description  - A descriptive text for the entry. If defined, will be shown instead of the long description.


  • None = Surfaces are generated as normal surfaces.
  • Yes = Surfaces will be cut into surfaces generated before this surface. A hole as large as the surface will be created and this new surface will be added to this hole. If the surfaces differ, there might appear holes be-tween the surfaces. Surfaces are not altered in any way.
  • Weld = In addition to “yes” mode the surface edges are connected together so that there is no holes between the surfaces.

Group  - allows adding surface into a group