What is MAGNET Live?

MAGNET Live is a model sharing platform that allows you to share your combined BIM models with project members or other stakeholders.

It supports 3D models that have been published using MAGNET Explorer. It also allows you to publish models for private review by an e-mail. You can give comments and create new topics in 3D context and collaborate with stakeholders around those topics.

MAGNET Live utilizes WebGL technology which enables the viewing of models with popular web browsers. MAGNET Live supports Chrome and Firefox.

A valid license is needed to publish models. However, viewing of published BIM models on MAGNET Live is completely free. 

Key Features

  • View 3D models uploaded from MAGNET Explorer via web browser anywhere and anytime
  • Collaborate with stakeholders via rich, context-oriented topics
  • Share your 3D model with direct link by e-mail

Access levels

MAGNET Live has two user access levels; admin and team member. Permissions are managed from https://www.topconenterprise.com by the organization administrator.

MAGNET Enterprise software admin user can add/edit/delete other team members, models and topics.

MAGNET Live software non-admin user can only view shared models and topics. If user is the owner of the model (user has published model from Explorer), user can delete the model from MAGNET Live. User can only edit topics the user has created. Topics created by others cannot be changed.